Lake Bagging


After a rather dry start the 2014/15 season is finally in full swing. Get bagging those points if you want to be crowned Lake Bagging King or Queen!

To submit your Lake Bagging efforts please fill in this form.


The Rules

We are currently in season 14/15. Thus all bags done at the moment count towards this year’s awards. The rules of Lake Bagging are as follows:

  1. You must be fully submerged in the lake to get one point
  2. You get double points for breaking ice or getting FULLY naked (thus x4 points if you do both)
  3. You can only bag bodies of natural water named on a 1:25,000 map, not the sea or rivers or swimming pools
  4. Only one bag per lake per season
  5. The Lake Bagging season runs from 1st October until the Saturday night of the Lakes AGM in May the following year
  6. Bonus points can be awarded for occasional heroics (committee decision final)
  7. Only Lakes bagged on official UBES Trips count

Have a look at the leader board from last year. Congratulations to Rhodri for acheiveing 22 points. Can you beat him this year?


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