Participation Costs

UBES are committed to affordable adventures: we want to get everyone involved, so are non-profit, strive to be inclusive, and keep costs as low as possible.

The following information should help you gauge how much participation is likely to cost you over the course of an academic year. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Please bear in mind that these prices are all subject to change.

Society Costs

The fixed participation costs for UBES are as follows:


  • Membership Fee – £19, for the 2022-23 academic year. Required to access our trips/kit/training/discounts.
  • Weekend Trip – £50, per trip (includes transport, accommodation, one dinner, two lunches, and two breakfasts).
  • Scotland Trip – £200 (+ £60 skills course) (2019-20 trip price)
  • Summer Expeditions – varies by trip (see page for previous trip approximations)
  • Socials – varies from free (e.g. weekly pub) to ~£15 (e.g. Christmas Dinner)
  • Indoor Climbing – once registered at Redpoint or Bloc (~£19 membership fee) you can climb at either wall for £5 to £8 per session.

All prices are subject to change and external factors. On weekend trips, we do not usually provide food for Friday/Sunday evening – so please factor in the cost of a packed dinner/service station/pub.

Box of low cost Alpkit Gamma headtorches

Low cost head torches for sale!

Equipment Costs

Outdoor activities include an inherent risk, but we significantly improve safety by using suitable equipment and clothing. Whilst there is a range of equipment available, there are certain things you must have to safely participate in these activities. These are documented on our kit list.

As a member, you can borrow most of our kit for free – or often from other members by posting on the Forum. This may be useful to supplement any items you do not have yet. You can also access a useful discount at Bristol outdoor shops – see our membership page for more details.

Each year we bulk buy certain items to provide them to our members at a competitive price. You can usually buy head torches (~£16) and survival bags (~£3) from us on trips if you have forgotten them.

We are looking into making other key products available on a pre-order/bulk-buy basis in the near future. More details about this will be sent out via our mailing list.

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