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Become a member of UBES for only £15 per academic year. No athletics fee or gym membership is required

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Coming on UBES weekend trip

Beautiful weather on the Jurassic Coast

Join our newsletter (below). We will email you details of when and where trip sign-up takes place. We also post this on the Facebook group. Advance details are available on our calendar.

Normal Sign-Up

Come to the sign-up session for the trip you are interested in. We will ask you to sign-up using a digital form. We do this in the order you arrive.

If you get a place, you’ll be asked to pay at the same time. Payment is in cash only.

If you do not get a place, you’ll be invited to join the general waiting list instead. The waiting list is for people who have not yet been on a UBES trip in that academic year. If you choose to join the waiting list, we will ask you which other trips you are interested in coming on.

We may contact you if an extra place becomes available.

If you are on the waiting list

You can only join the waiting list after not getting a place on one of our trips, and you cannot have been on any other UBES trips that academic year.

A few days before the next sign-up session, we will offer a few places to those at the top of the waiting list. We will offer around 1/5 of the trip places this way. We will only offer you a place if you told us you were interested in coming. You need to tell us if you would like to take this place.

If you take up our offer, you’ll need to attend the sign-up session in order to pay.

If you do not take up our offer, you will have to rejoin the waiting list. This gives everyone a fair chance to come on a trip.

You cannot transfer waiting list offers to another person.

Even if we haven’t offered you a place from the waiting list, you are always welcome to attend sign-up as usual, which is first-come-first-served.


This flowchart should help you understand how the waiting list works. These processes may change, and are subject to the discretion of the venture leader.

Flowchart showing how the waiting list works.

How the waiting list works (click to enlarge)

Coming on other UBES trips and activities

An Alpine Adventure

Join the newsletter (below), and keep an eye out for details. We generally don’t publish details of sign-up on our website, so you will need to be on the mailing list. We often also post updates to the Facebook group and page.

Find out more

We have a pretty busy calendar, and we’d love you to get involved. Come and chat to us, join our newsletter, and join us on Facebook.

Winter Skills Training, Scotland 16-17

Welcome Fair

Come find us at the Bristol SU’s Welcome Fair! Our committee will be there, happy to chat to you about the society, and answer any questions you have. You can also purchase membership at the Welcome Fair itself.

Mailing List

Join the UBES mailing list to get weekly emails updating you on our trips, activities and socials.

You don’t need to be a member to join the mailing list, but once you see all the great stuff we’re getting up to, you won’t be able to resist! Just head to our Bristol SU webpage, sign in with your UoB account, and check the ‘Mailing List for Non-Members’ box. If you join as a member, we will automatically subscribe you to our mailing list.


If you’re interested, make sure you follow Bristol Expeditions on Facebook and join the UBES Forum to keep up to date with everything which is going on.


Our calendar is updated regularly, and you can even sync it across to your own Google Calendar, so you never miss out on the latest and greatest UBES events!