Meet the Committee

Committee 2023-24

Eva Livingstone – President

Following a busy summer trekking in the Himalayas and working in the coolest job as a glacier guide in Iceland *, Eva is back for another year of UBES fun! It stands testament to the wonderful character of mountain folk and Eva’s warm friendliness, that after a year as Social Secretary, she isn’t fed up with meeting UBESters. Instead, she’s been elected to become the face of the Society as President, only partly in a bid to distract herself from complicated Biochemistry matters. Expect to see her Eva-rywhere! When not on a mountain, you may well find Eva bagging a lake: with Icelandic blood that flows alongside the quintessentially English passion for tea, the cold doesn’t bother her anyway… 


*both of these activities are otherwise known as “Making The Rest Of Committee Very Jealous”

ML(t), RFA(2), WS, RPS

Isaac Ogden – Vice President

Isaac is an organisational powerhouse and is responsible for most of the things that work successfully in the society. He is very caring and generous with a keen skill for poem writing and pub meme making. He holds cheese, maps and Moel Siabod very close to his heart making him a perfect and entirely quintessential UBESter.  

If looking for Isaac, he would be most likely found roaming his beloved Dartmoor taking everyone’s new Facebook profile pictures, in the Highbury vaults pub wearing his iconic red coat or else in line in Biomed waiting for his daily soup. He also can commonly be spotted in a café following a walk, where he will delight in telling you that his first word was ‘cake’. 

ML(t), RFA(2), WS

Josh Saunders – Treasurer

One of the chattiest people you will ever meet, Josh is friendly and approachable and will engage you in conversation on the most random of topics, just beware the awful puns that he intersperses into his chatter! Many of his favourite topics include anything Snowdonia, especially the Ogwen Valley, along with his many (although not serious, we are hoping) plans as treasurer of UBES. These show an emerging theme for buying random vehicles for the society including a bus, jetpack, squirrel suit, or hovercraft (though the use of this is currently unknown), with an aim to discover a new easier way to get off a mountain – maybe the squirrel suit is the solution? 

ML(t), RFA(2), BMC-SS, RPS

Robyn Franklin – Secretary

Ready for another year of seeking out cliff edges, scrambling through the mountains and using just the right level of bossiness to keep the rest of committee on track, Robyn is taking over the reigns as the new secretary! As a keen hiker for as long as she can remember, she is all set to take the mountains by storm (although hopefully not in a storm).  

When not wandering in the mountains in her trademark teal outfits, she will probably be off with animals (just a casual day as a vet) or with folk soc, for which she is also their band leader. She loves a good ceilidh, so be sure to look out for her at any of those, or no doubt in the sun, snow or rain enjoying a UBES trip. 

ML(t), WS


Stan Riley – Climbing Officer

Stan is a fellow midlander who is too forgotten about when the classic pub discussion of the north-south divide’s boundary comes up! Despite these origins he is now a nomadic ubster found on many of hills and mountains! At the start of last year Stan was a rather ground dwelling man, however following the typical UBES evolution he has gained his climbing claws and is now one of our new climbing officers!  

He loves meeting new people, encouraging us all to give new things a go and is an incredible friend to many ubsters so make sure to have a look up and see if you can spot him – harness and all! 


Alfie Cross – Climbing Officer

As someone from Norfolk, the flattest county in the whole of the UK, it’s a great surprise how much time Alfie spends in the mountains or climbing up walls! He now spends little time at sea-level, instead honing his climbing skills bouldering indoors at Flashpoint or learning to trad climb in the mountains. 

During his time in UBES, Alfie has also taken on a Spanish alter ego named Alfredo Cruz. If you are ever struggling to find Alfie or Alfredo, be sure to check out Flashpoint or Redpoint, where he seems to spend the majority of his university life. He will be sure to provide a friendly face, and is always keen to help and encourage others to try new things! 


Jack Tindal – General Kit and Safety Officer

Meet Jack, our general kit and safety officer! Most likely to be found hiking, running or in Sainsbury’s (apparently?!). With years of hiking experience under his belt, his knowledge and enthusiasm regarding kit and walking is a force to be reckoned with!  

He truly is a long-distance wizard, having already ran the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and completed the Two Tors Challenge. Not to mention future endeavours, such as straight-line missions… 

Jack is a very laid back and friendly guy who will always be willing to answer any of your kit & safety queries, no matter what! 


Joel McGraw – Climbing Kit and Safety Officer

Joel has quickly become a seasoned UBESter this past year: a regular on weekend trips, the winter Scotland trip, the Balkans in the summer, and now taking up the role of kit and safety officer! He’s a friendly and enthusiastic hiking adventurer, and a keen and experienced runner (close to 1000 runs!). He’s also our resident lifeguard, for any lakebagging mishaps… 

His knowledge, organisation and first aid training means the UBES kit is in capable hands! You will often find him roaming his much-loved Lake District or running around Bristol (super speedy). Always happy to help, you can feel free to ask him about anything from athletics to UBES kit queries from his freshly organised UBES Stores! 

ML(t), RFA(2), BMC-SS, WS, RPS

Tommaso Barbieri – Expeditions Officer

A long-standing member of the noble house of Frubesheim, Tommaso is UBES’s resident Italian and one of a growing number of earth/life scientists slowly taking over from the engineers’ monopoly!  

Hugely knowledgeable, kind and enthusiastic, he’s an awesome companion on any adventure, whether that’s mini bivvying expeds, or weeks-long circumnavigations of countries – ask him about the lap of Andorra he completed this summer! That, or his seemingly very frequent, and very cool trips to the Bahamas in the name of scientific research (can it be a UBES trip next time please?) 

Tommaso’s also a great chef, making even infamous slop taste fantastic. He’s a keen runner, part of last year’s UBES half marathon/10k team, and working towards his Summer Mountain Leader qualification. Never seen without a smile, he’s always willing to chat and a great friend to everyone in UBES. 

ML(t), RFA(2)

Jane Williamson – Expeditions Officer

Having ascended from the ultimate UBES fresher to this esteemed council of wise mountain-folk, Jane is ready to be granted the rank of Expeditions Master. This geographer’s passion for the planet makes her your perfect guide to the world’s last great wildernesses.  

Once she’s made her glorious return from the high Himalayas this Summer, she’ll be hard at work making sure you’ll be able to enjoy only Scotland’s greatest sauna this New Year’s. Keep an eye out for her (potentially quite chilly) Summer Exped and don’t be scared to approach her with any questions about starting up your own adventures: you’re in friendly and capable hands! 

When not in the mountains, she may be sighted running at great speeds, cycling vast distances, or behind the till in Alpkit dispensing free tea and advice! 

ML(t), WS

Jim Hobson – Development Officer

Need inspiration for some crazy adventures? Jim’s the man to go to. As the outgoing expeditions officer he ran the Peaks of the Balkans, having tasted his first UBES exped in Romania. He is frequently away climbing and hiking, acquiring and practising new skills.  Whether in planning large expeds or smaller more local trips, Jim is your man! 

Beyond this adventurous demeanour is also someone who remains grounded in the everyday challenges of pursuing a life in the outdoors, such as the expense of good kit. He’s got all the life hacks and backdoors to navigating these as the broke students a lot of us are! So catch him at Highbury for some life hacks or great conversation. 

ML(t), RFA(2), BMC-SS, WS, RPS

Jas Schofield – Social Secretary

Our resident veterinarian, painter, and Mendips Queen!  The life of our parties and light of our lives, Jas’ friendly face welcomes new and old UBESters alike. Ascending from silly UBES-fresh to Scav-hunt champion in meteoric style, Jas has become an integral member of the society. But she’s not done yet, and for her next trick will deliver a year of spellbinding socials and piquant pubs.  

Her friendly face can be seen above the crowd for easy location and is the first port of call for any mammal medications or mountaineering matters. Be sure to ask her about bear evasion, northern light spotting, and raft exploration for regaling of endless tantalising tales of the Yukon’s tundra.  


Jacob Cox – Social Secretary

Jacob is definitely not just another ubes engineer, he is: the cheese board carrying, whiskey drinking, sauna loving, rocket launching sailor… I know quite a mouthful especially when munching a sticky cheese and pickle sandwich! 

 With that all being said, he is an absolute necessity on the UBES weekend check list and can only be described as a multitool of human being- whether that be fixing broken down cars, taking fantastic photos, a seasoned sock wrestler, banana bread baker and a new potential title – Everest base camp conqueror following his Himalayan adventure this summer! 


Hannah Lidgett – Postgraduate Officer

Hannah’s a bit of an anomaly in the postgrad community, doing her 4th year in Physics means she hasn’t technically graduated yet! She has been a steady and enthusiastic presence in UBES for her third year now, Hannah’s excited to meet new climbers, to continue to be part of the postgrad community and to build it – and that includes movie nights! 

Her favourite place to climb is Redpoint, she’s Welsh at heart, and as a Walk Leader with UBES she’s looking forward to going on lots of trips, especially a climbing trip; after all, it’s her third year climbing as well! 



Anna Moller – Postgraduate Officer

Anna is a true postgrad and will be on a year out next year, although is unusual for being one of the rare non STEM students in UBES. She is looking forward to the climbing sessions and trips in the coming year, and having just completed a trad course in Snowdonia is eager to share her newfound knowledge. Anna is fairly new to UBES having only joined last year, but has become a staple sight every Wednesday afternoon at Redpoint! She is excited to be a part of the postgrad community this year, and is hoping to become one of the UBES bakers. 


Thomas Hunter – Webmaster


Joining towards the end of his second year, Thomas has since thrown himself at all things UBES (seriously: climbing, running, walk leading, nav training, lake bagging, slop cooking – the list goes on). It’s no surprise he quickly earned the adoration of the society, and with that the 22/23 UBESter of the year title! * 

Thomas is a great friend on and off the mountain/climbing wall and is excited to welcome freshers and seasoned UBESters alike. Equipped with a Computer Science A-level, Aerospace Engineering studies and a healthy dose of a ‘can-do attitude’, he is more than ready to tackle the behind-the-scenes tech that keeps UBES running! 

*Bringing focaccia on every trip he went on, and even some he didn’t, may have had something to do with it… 

ML(t), RFA(2), RPS

Emily Clarke – Communications

For those who have been around in UBES, Emily is no stranger. As the outgoing Kit officer, she has handled all the administrative and logistical load an outdoor society could possibly have. She has been an incredible asset to UBES and we’re glad to have her around for this year doing communications!  

As someone who has actively pushed herself to grow in UBES, she knows how it feels to be a more inexperienced fresher and so she is ever the advocate for the underdog. Feel free to catch her for a chat whenever; and possibly find comfort and strength in pushing the boundaries that we have set for ourselves.   

ML(t), RFA(2), WS, RPS

Charmaine Sew – Equality Officer

Every conversation you have with Charmaine will lead to a new and exciting discovery. She lives for positive adventures in every part of her life, From running Danish marathons promoting awareness for eating disorders amongst athletes and children, to working in Calais refugee camps. What defines her adventures is never her, but the causes she supports, and the people she helps. 
In this vein she could not be a more perfect Equalities and Diversity Officer. Many in committee understand adventures but Charmaine looks to support the people within them. We can say with complete confidence she will be the friendliest face to support you, no matter what arises.

If you need support in UBES this year Charmaine is an amazing port of call, ever up for run, climb or natter about a good book and equipped with a fantastic confidence around social issues.


For the meanings of the letters in italics, see the Qualifications List below this table.

Qualifications/Training Explained

  • ML(t) – Mountain Leader Award (Training)
  • RCI(t) – Rock Climbing Instructor (Training)
  • (R)FA(1) – (Remote) First Aid Course (Days)
  • BMC-SS – BMC Student Safety Seminar
  • WS – Winter Skills
  • JCAMT – Jonathan Conville Alpine Mountaineering Trust Course
  • RPS – Redpoint Supervisor

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