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If you haven’t been part of our society so far this year and are unsure of what we have got up to during lockdown, take a look at our Facebook Forum for some ideas. Whilst we have been unable to run our usual weekends away, we have managed to move the spirit of UBES online. We’ve had a series of interesting Short Talks, weekly socials, a Strava Challenge, and even managed to fit in an in person ‘families’ social at the start of the year. As ever, it is unsure how COVID-19 restrictions will continue to affect our society’s activities this year. However, be assured that we will continue to work with the SU and follow guidelines as they are released by BMC… And of course, we will continue to provide a jam-packed schedule of events and socials!


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We are UBES: the largest, most active, and possibly the best outdoors society at the University of Bristol.

We are passionate about outdoor adventures, and endlessly enthusiastic to get as many people involved as we can. Whatever your experience, or none, it would great to meet you.

We cater for anyone with an interest in the outdoors by running regular weekend walking trips, giving free climbing instruction, organising adventurous summer trips abroad, and offering subsidised training opportunities.

When you aren’t on the mountain, we have regular socials as well as development opportunities such as first aid and navigation training.

We aim to develop our members’ passion for the outdoors and support them as safe and independent mountaineers whilst, of course, providing maximum fun!

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