UBES go climbing every Wednesday afternoon, as well as pretty much anytime when the weather is good! In the summer we go outdoors in the gorge, but when it’s cold and wet we go to one of Bristol’s indoor walls: often Redpoint. If your desire to climb can’t be quenched by our weekly sessions, then check out our forum. There are always members planning their own climbs during the week and it’s a great way to find new climbing partners.

Photo of a climber in the Avon Gorge, Bristol

Climbing in the Avon Gorge

Weekly Wall Sessions

We meet every Wednesday at 1pm outside the UBU Lettings Office on Tyndall Avenue (between the Arts & Social Sciences Library and the Sports Centre) and walk down to one of the climbing walls as a group (usually Redpoint). The route can be a bit complex, but you are welcome to meet us there. Generally speaking, Climbing is from 2pm until about 5pm or until you get hungry/tired.

New to Climbing?

Throughout the year we run introductory climbing sessions specifically designed to teach beginners the basics. If you’re interested drop one of our climbing officers an email at! At these sessions, one of our supervisors will teach you how to safely climb using ropes, including how to tie in to the rope and how to belay someone else.



Climbing Outdoors

Climbing in the sun at Portland!

In addition to our weekly indoor climbing sessions, we regularly climb outside at local crags such as the Avon Gorge – when the weather allows it!

We also run weekend climbing trips further afield, to locations such as the Peak District or Portland. These trips are suitable for people of any ability, provided you have been taught how to belay at one of our introductory sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, you’re sure to find some amazing climbing!

What kit do you need?

  • Loose clothes
  • Trainers or climbing shoes- climbing shoes can be hired at the climbing wall
  • Harness- can be borrowed from us for free (first come first serve) or hired at the climbing wall.

The society also has lead ropes for you to use. If you already have your own gear and don’t want things to get mixed up or lost, then have a look at our gear tape spreadsheet.


Scrambling is half way between rock climbing and hiking, and can be thought of as easy rock climbing (although some bits can be quite challenging) without ropes, normally on rocky aretes or ridges. On some weekend trips there might be an opportunity to do some scrambles, such as the North Ridge of Tryfan in Snowdonia or Striding Edge in the Lake District.

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