In contrast to some other societies, there are no initiations to undergo in UBES. We do, however, have several traditions that might be considered slightly odd. Remember that these are entirely optional, but many UBESters end up participating in them at some point during their degree.

Lake Bagging

Lake Bagging! Technically this one wasn’t in the UK – Bosnia Expedition 2019

This is a long-lived tradition that is, in essence, similar to skinny dipping. There is however no requirement to swim, only to fully submerge oneself. The rules are as follows:

  1. The competition runs from the first trip of the academic year (Brecon Beacons) to the AGM trip (usually at the end of the Easter holidays).
  2. Only lakes bagged on UBES trips score points.
  3. Only natural lakes named on a 1:25,000 map count for the competition.
  4. A lake is ‘bagged’ by fully submerging oneself in said lake. For participants with long hair, there is an exception such that submerging up to the neck, and also submerging the face, is sufficient.
  5. Points: 1 for fully submerging, double for full nakedness, and double again for breaking ice.
  6. Extra points may be awarded by the committee for “special heroics”.
  7. In addition, the English Channel, North Sea, Celtic Sea and Irish Sea are each treated as natural lakes for the purposes of this competition.

In previous years, competition has been fierce, with the record standing in excess of 50 points – are you ready to brave the icy waters of Snowdonia, Scotland and the Lake District and take the title? There’s only one way to find out.

You can submit your lake bags here.

Live lakebagging leaderboard (2023-24)

Last year’s winners (2022-23)

Unofficial Constitution

AGM Campfire – April 2017

AGM Campfire – April 2017


In addition to the official constitution, UBES has an unofficial constitution. This is for all those motions passed as a bit of fun that would be out of place in the official constitution, but are still just as binding*. If you have any ideas for unofficial (or official) motions, be sure to propose them at the AGM which you can find out more about here. So that members can see what’s already included in the unofficial constitution, and perhaps gain ideas for amendments we have provided it for download below.

UBES Unofficial Constitution 2023-2024

*Several have not been enforced for a few years – this does not have to continue…

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