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A Climbing
Now that the
weather is brightening up a little, and the temperature is reaching a
point where you can feel your fingers again, the keen climbing
constituent of UBES are donning their harnesses and getting a lot
more climbing done outside!
A well-attended
Ropes Skills session in the Union hopefully cleared up some of the
more technical aspects of climbing. Some abstract horizontal
climbing, roaming cracks in the rock and knot-tying practise was all
in preparation for the Peak District climbing the following weekend.
You could say we were dealing with the nitty-gritty skills before
going out to hit the grit.
The number of
UBESters who are choosing to get a little more vertical with their
hill walking and scrambling is steadily increasing year to year, with
our most recent Peak District Climbing Trip being the biggest
climbing trip we’ve run to date. 33 people, ranging from never
having climbed outside before to dyno-ing an HVS in ability, all had
the opportunity to get climbing outside and push their own personal
limits. A particular big shout out to all those who got in their
first trad lead!
A happy
UBESter in the Peak District! Jono displays colour-coordinated chiq:
make sure your belay jacket always matches the rope. (Photo credit:
Laurence Falconer)
More climbers
means more equipment, and we’ve recently invested in some more gear
so that we can cater to the fantastic enth-ubes-iasm for all things
outdoorsy. Thanks to the Union Group Grant, we’ve been able to buy
10 more harnesses. This helps out a great deal at our weekly indoor
sessions at Redpoint Climbing Centre, not to mention our huge Peaks
Trip wouldn’t have been possible without them.