Kyrgyzstan Report

Last summer a joint UBES and UBMC expedition comprising of 2
Bristol Alumni and 4 current students traveled to the relatively unexplored
Eastern side of Kyrgyzstan. In particular the Djangart valley, which borders
with China.
As with all expeditions of this nature there is an awful lot
of planning involved and this trip was no exception with grant applications and
research being undertaken months in advance.
The expedition lasted just under 3 weeks with a few days
spent in the capital Bishkek either side. Whilst in Kyrgyzstan the team
encountered multiple challenges from crossing fast flowing rivers and digging
latrines through to heated discussions with ex-Russian military helicopter

It is without doubt that the trip was a success on multiple
levels. Seven world first ascents where recorded with all of those above the
height of Mt. Blanc (4810m).  In addition
multiple further objectives for future teams were identified .3……………

It is also worth noting that an expedition such as this
cannot take place with out the generosity of others and their thanks go to:
Alpkit, Buff headwear, Berghaus, MEF, the University of Bristol, the Alpine
Club and Dicks Climbing.
More information about the expedition can be found on the
trips website and in the official trip report:


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