Steep ground and rope skills training


Thanks for everyone who came along to the Steep ground and rope skills training today! As usual we weren’t blessed with the weather, so had to make do with what we could, utilizing the union foyer!

That said it was still a very worthwhile afternoon spent teaching the current walk leaders, and leaders of the future skills in how to get groups over steep ground and emergency rope work procedure. All essential skills to keep UBES groups safe on the hill! Watch out for other training sessions coming up this term!

For those of you who came along here is a link to the book in which all of the skills (And everything on the mountain leader syllabus is covered) I would highly recommend getting a copy if you are interested in learning more of these skills

and wanting to lead groups. (I got mine second hand for £4.50)

Also here is a link to the UKH (UK Hillwalking) website. It is very useful as you can plot your route easily, and it stores it in your logbook. Essential if you are thinking of doing ML training any time soon, and very useful even if you aren’t! To plot a route, go onto the route card section on the top bar, then select map my route on the side menu. For climbers, its the same log in as your UKC account, but everyone else will have to create a free account.

Any Questions on anything then let me know!
Also any
suggestions of how to improve training sessions or of what other skills
people want to learn will be gratefully received!


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