Redpoint Lock-In 2016


On Saturday 27th February, UBESters made their way down to the Redpoint Lock-in. On offer for the evening were the ‘CORE’ climbing competition and the opportunity to try out ‘Crazy Climb’ as well as food and drink!

It’s fair to say that anyone who took part underestimated just how much energy the ‘Crazy Climb’ activities would take! In the mad forty-five minutes that each group was allocated, everyone seized the opportunity to get on as many different activities as possible. Whether racing lava up the wall, jumping from tower to tower or testing your speed climbing on the disappearing holds it’s fair to say that it is was exhausting no matter how good a climber you are! The time passed incredibly quickly and before anyone realised, it was time to return to the main climbing walls to begin or carry on the competition.

The CORE competition was a ‘flash comp’. This means that points are given to completing a route on the first attempt only, if you fall off – that’s it! Different teams took different tactics with some people focussing on leading hard routes, while others tried to complete as many different top-roped routes as possible.

After a manic two and a half hours the competition drew to a close and scores were tallied. A vegetable curry was served up and people took the chance to put up their feet, have a drink and watch this year’s Reel Rock film. As the evening drew to a close the results were revealed. Alasdair and Jono’s storm-tactics towards the end of the competition proved successful and bagged them first place, with Adam and Matt coming a close second. A special mention has to be made to Ian, who came third, whose individual scorecard smashed those of the joint teams if they had been marked individually!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the evening, and to Elliot and the staff at Redpoint for organising such a great event!

Jono Hawkins

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