Memories of The Lakes in Winter


In November UBES headed to the Lake District for a weekend of walking and scrambling and enjoyed some exceptional weather and winter conditions. Social Secretary Emily Grout reminisces walking the scenic Fairfield Horseshoe route…

On the 20th of November 2015, after travelling over half of the country (and encountering a minor snow blizzard), we finally made it to the Lake District. After we’d arrived and made all the cheese and pickle sandwiches, everyone quickly jumped in their sleeping bags in anticipation of the weekend of walking ahead.

Thirlmere Village Hall

 We woke up bright and early and after porridge had been eaten and routes planned, we all set off for our walks. Our group headed to Ambleside to walk the classic Fairfield Horseshoe. The air was icy cold and a blanket of snow- the first us Bristolian’s had seen in a long time- covered the mountain tops.

Luckily Lydia wasn’t in charge of navigation…

As we reached our summit of 873m, we were astounded by the blue sky and panoramic views. We stopped for lunch out of the wind in the little stone shelter at the summit of Fairfield. As we were feasting on our classic cheese and pickle creations, we made friends with a crow. He was a chatty bird although secretly I think he just wanted our lunch.

Crow at the summit

Our descent was fairly gentle and we were met with many deep snow drifts – perfect for a sneaky snowball fight! As we finished our walk dusk was drawing closer and the setting sun casting an amber glow. Back in Ambleside, we stumbled across a lantern parade! Hundreds of children were walking with smiles reaching their ears, showcasing their hand-crafted lanterns.

Ambleside- A cyberman has suspiciously sneaked into the corner of this photo…

View of the Fairfield Horseshoe

Emily Grout

Fancy joining us in the Lake District? Check out our calendar to find out when the next walking trip is!


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