Principles & Handbook

We have developed a new system for managing our accounts this year. The system aims to improve transparency, increase accountability, and especially promote our long-term goal of financial self-sufficiency, as outlined in the society’s strategy.

This system allows us to manage indirect costings, such as equipment wear and tear over time, and thus better manage our resources. Trip balances will be more representative of their whole cost.

This document aims to give a thorough overview of the new system, and how everyone will interact with it. For the most part, individual’s will only deal with a specific aspect of the processes covered here. For instance, drivers will need to know about Expense Claims, but not about the specifics of profit/loss reporting, whereas budget holders may need a more thorough understanding.

Unless you have a particular interest in this, there is no need to read the whole thing(!), but please do skim through and consider which parts will be relevant. It may also be useful to read related sections to your main interest, as they may shed some light on why something is set up the way it is.

Download the Financial Handbook

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