Advice for Drivers

If you are driving a hire vehicle on a UBES trip, then you should initially pay for fuel yourself, and claim back using an Expense Claim Form. Make sure to return the vehicle to the hire company in the prescribed state (usually the same level as when collected). If you need to fill up multiple times on a trip, you can submit all your fuel receipts under the same form.

If you are driving your own vehicle on a UBES trip, then you are reimbursed in two ways. To cover wear/depreciation of the vehicle itself, drivers qualify for a discounted trip fee (usually free). You should also claim back fuel costs. Instead of recording mileage, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Fill up to a full tank before the trip. You pay for this initial fuel — we don’t need to see the receipt.
  2. Immediately after and/or during the trip, fill up to a full tank again. This time, keep your receipt(s) and use them to complete an Expense Claim Form.

If you incur any other costs for the trip, consult the trip leader — you will usually be able to put these on the same form as your fuel. Be sure to keep the receipts though.

Completing your Expense Claim Form

  1. Make payment(s) yourself, and keep the receipts. Most vendors will give you one automatically, but always explicitly ask at the till.
  2. Complete a single ECF for all your receipts.
  3. Submit the completed ECF with photographs of the receipts to the Trip Leader, who will authorise your claim and forward it to the Treasurer.
  4. The Treasurer will process your claim, and reimburse you with a bank transfer.

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