An Ode to the AGM


An Ode to the AGM:

Love democracy
Debate, elections, and fun
Lasted too long though

A Modern AGM

In all seriousness, this is the new committee (Cite, Aaron Larkworthy 2020). We had a fun time on Zoom. Much democracy was had, in fact quite efficiently. Thanks to Aaron for his ruthless chairmanship. However, we did all miss the campfire…

President – Ellen Kinsman

Vice President – Leila Pankhurst

Secretory – Jodie Hill

Treasurer – Will Hunt

Social Secreteries – Jimmy Walters, Crispian Morris

Climbing Officers – Aaron Larkworthy, Claire Naveh

Kit and Safety (General) – David Exton

Kit and Safety (Climbing) – Barney Emmens

Expeditions Officer – Edgar Crassier, Raef Coles

Webmaster – Ewan White

Postgraduate Officers – Alex Modell, Edd Gough

Development Officer – Francis Tocher

Foreign Correspondents – Charlie Harding, Chloe Brooks, Dan Heins, Monika Chaulagain

Equality Officer – Alex Modell


Disclaimer: the authors of this blog post were reimbursed through pub quiz points. The points are much appreciated.


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