Meet the Committee

Committee 2017-18

President – Tom Kilcommons

With great power comes great responsibility and, as King of the commons, Tom Kilcommons’ watchful eye will undoubtedly mean a strong and stable year ahead. He was a true treasure(r) to have on the committee last year and I think we can all agree he did indeed master the web.

Now back without a vengeance and an exciting new-found passion for climbing (Former President Jono watch your back), Tom will lead the committee to ever loftier heights and exciting adventures! Often found near the Queens building talking to sculptures, Tom is enthusiastic, dedicated and too damn clever for his own good, and one things for sure; he’ll be a better President than Trump #fakenews. MLt OFA WS BMC-SS MiDAS

Vice-President – Phil Eccleston

Not just a pretty face, Phil shows his experience as a veteran of last year’s committee. After serving his time as climbing officer he has come back again to help Tom lead us into a new year of UBES adventures (and continue slowly converting UBES into a climbing society). Being awesome and a patient climbing teacher isn’t all he has to offer though, he’s a seasoned hiker and an all round chill dude. Don’t be intimidated by his chiseled cheek bones, he’s super approachable. SPAt WS RPS

Treasurer – Ollie Chapman

Our esteemed treasurer, Ollie is full of (sometimes hare-brained) plans to keep the UBES finances in order over the next year. When he’s not busy keeping a watchful eye on our spending, Ollie is equally at home on the mountain or the climbing wall and has recently completed his ML training, ready to lead all kinds of exciting walks on our trips. His enthusiasm knows no bounds (nor does his confidence), and he can always be relied on to provide some distraction half way up the mountain. Just don’t get him started on giraffes. MLt RPS

Secretary – Megan Clark

Will she take the faff out of UBES? Only time will tell… This girl dreams of empty inboxes and organised emails. Right from the start Meg has been fully committed to UBES, diving head first into all that it has to offer and as secretary she doesn’t plan on stopping now! She’s a friendly face that welcomes conversation in both English and French. Having had a variety of adventures from climbing in Portland to conquering 4000m peaks in the Alps, Meg has a wide range of mountaineering knowledge. If she can’t be found in Bristol scaling the walls of bloc then she’s probably in Tignes polishing off her alpine skills. Meg also enjoys ridiculously long runs, biking and cheese. She really loves cheese. She is a fantastic asset to the team keeping the rest of the committee in line and making sure everything runs smoothly. MLt OFA JCAMT WS RPS

Expeditions Officer – Rory Bryson

First there was Cook then Livingstone, Scott, and Shackleton but now, with dashing Cumberbatch-esque looks and a wit to trump all others, Rory Bryson is a force to be reckoned with. Having joined UBES in first year, he’s made quite a splash during his short time and promises to make a truly brilliant Expeditions Officer this year. Rory accompanied UBES on its Summer expedition to the Georgian Caucasus and no doubt has heady plans for his own expedition next year.
Whether found happily in the Highbury or high in the hills, Rory always keeps his characteristic cool and charismatic charm about him. You’ll never find him flustered on a fell or ever scared on a scramble. Indeed, little can get between Rory and a good adventure. MLt OFA WS RPS

Expeditions Officer – Rhodri Williams

How does one even begin to describe the UBES magnificence that is Rhadre Villiams*? As a veteran of the great earwig battle of 2017 and many a chacha shot battle, you can rely on Rhadre to cater for all your exped needs in style, from diving into icy tarns and launching rockets with his jet engine of a stove to summoning cute kittens at a moment’s notice. With a hiking CV packed to the brim with group and solo trips in the UK, France, Switzerland, Romania, Morocco, Iceland, (deep breath) Slovenia and Georgia, there’s little this seasoned UBESter can’t handle. Caution: may contain DEET.
*(as recently re-christened by Azeri border guards). OFA WS

Exploratory Expeditions Officer – Val Ismaili FRGS

It was obvious that Val needed to be on this year’s committee, but also equally obvious that none of the pre-existing positions would be able to contain such a man. We therefore proudly introduce UBES’s first Exploratory Expeditions Officer. Val has recently spent 4 months in the Caucasus mountains of Armenia and Georgia, during which he completed the first thru-hike of the proposed southern corridor of the Transcaucasian Trail. Traveling solo, he covered 1500km and also spent several weeks trail-building and exploring the wider Caucasus region. On weekend trips he is equally ambitious, and he usually manages to find a few willing victims to accompany him on his “walks”. Val is keen to expand the exploratory aspect of our expeditions (hence the title), and his initial plans sound just as epic as we’ve come to expect from him. As a Society we are excited for whatever brilliant adventure Val cooks up next, and only hope that he remembers that the rest of us are just human. FRGS MLt

Climbing Officer – Chloe Brooks

Having learnt to climb through UBES herself, Chloe is back again to pass on her passion for all things rock! Also a keen watersports girl, and formerly on the Canoe Club committee, she has an impressive number of strings to her bow. Despite being a fourth year vet, Chloe still finds plenty of time to get stuck into all things UBES, is regularly a friendly face on trips, and enthusiastic about teaching new folk to climb (and old folk to climb even better!). Passionate about all things climbing, mountains, and safety, Chloe is a great asset to the UBES committee this year. RPS FA2 WS WWSR

Climbing Officer – Archie Walker

Archie has been teaching UBESters to climb for the past two years. If you want to learn to climb indoors, outdoors, bouldering, sport or trad – he’s your man! UBES climbing is heading in an exciting direction with Archie’s plan to take it to the next level by organising our first climbing expedition!

Archie claims to have a ‘love-hate relationship with walking’ and that ‘it’s complicated’. But with a bit of sweet-talking and the promise of the opportunity for multiple lake bags, Archie can be convinced to commit to a walk of almost any length and ascent. From walking to Cheddar Gorge on two hours sleep after a night out to bog slogs, Archie is always up for an adventure and will keep you entertained with his puns! He also has an unusual talent for getting remarkably accurate contour representations imprinted on his feet after long days out on the hill – notice the picture. Just ask him about the ‘Grand Day Out’ and you’ll see just how much he loves walking! MLt RPS

Climbing Kit and Safety Officer – Claire Squires

Claire, Claire, the climbing extraordinaire! As a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, UBES is incredibly fortunate to have Claire as our very own kit and safety officer for all aspects of rock climbing; beastly bouldering, scintillating sport and terrific trad. Claire boasts a beautiful accent from God’s own country, Yorkshire, which coincidentally hosts her favourite rock type, gritstone! Her love of the wild has taken her throughout the globe, from Corfu to her favourite haunts in Scotland. Above all, Claire has a burning passion for being really, really safe. Whether you’re with us at the pub, or psyched to use a harness for the first time, our guardian angel will be there to keep you out of trouble. BMC-SS WS RPS

General Kit and Safety Officer – Alice Denning

Though her irresistable smile might well lure you onto many a trip, don’t be fooled by her charming personality. Alice is one of UBES’ finest members, and is prepared to run her stores with ruthless efficiency. You’re in safe hands; as long as you don’t lose any of her kit, you can look forward to many a delightful convo on the hills. A competant climber, too, Alice has risen quickly through the UBES ranks, and you’ll probably find her anywhere vertical in the city or the mountains. MLt WS BMC-SS RPS

Social Secretary – Zoe Richmond

Lovable, smiling, bubbly, energetic, and ginger. Zoë is the Social secretary that will always have a smile or time to listen to you. Zoë is adventurous and is always up for trying new things. She might seem easily corruptible and prone to peer pressure, but don’t let this fool you. Her innocent outlook is merely a cunning disguise so that she will one day work up the ranks and eventually create a UBES dictatorship.

If you have come to your first UBES social on your own, look for this crazy girl and she will validate you by nodding at your every word. She might even take a few shots with you. She will make you feel like the funniest person in the room by laughing at everything you say. But be warned…her laugh has been known to cause plane crashes, since the sound waves can travel at unparalleled speeds. WS RPS

Social Secretary – Faye Latham

Faye is a fearless, freewheeling and fiery female, who, as a 3rd year English student and passionate climber is no stranger to a touch of alliteration and some rock. If you ever find yourself on a walk with this fun-filled, Italian-loving individual you can be sure to be guided to the best wee-spots and be entertained by a torrent of sexual innuendo. Her ability to body traverse pretty much anyone stands her in good stead as bearer of organised fun, and if lost, she can easily be found by following the excitable and contagious laughter that often accompanies her. She is, quite frankly, a wonderful specimen and can be relied upon to bring merriment, hilarity and probably also alcohol to any situation-essential characteristics of a successful social sec. RPS

Postgraduate Officer – Sam Huguet

Currently studying to become a doctor of Psych. Sam is the one to turn to if you ever require a little more hype to accomplish a climb. Has an unmatched ability to rally the mind games plaguing both beginners and the experienced. Known haunts stretch from Sheffield’s gritty crags to the Cornish coastal cliffs and most vertical rock-faces in between. He also remains our resident filmmaker and can regularly be spotted roaming the crags with camera and tripod in hand. SPAt JCAMT

Postgraduate Officer – James Wheeler

A strong climber, an extremely experienced hiker, and a trustworthy friend. James is in many ways the ideal UBESter. Across his 30+ weekend trips he has gained an incredible expertise at the most important parts of UBES life, such as body traversing, drinking old rosie, and frightening freshers.

With a mildly worrying talent for starting fires, and a very worrying number of knives, James is prepared for any situation. Delve deep into the depths of his pockets for anything you might need, from a pen to the kitchen sink. We’ve yet to encounter anything that James can’t MacGyver his way through.

Dripping in accolades from his progress through UBES, James is the 2015 Mendips King, 2016 Scavhunt winner, and the 2016/2017 UBESter of the year. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes UBESter of your heart.


Webmaster – Lucy Courtnall

Lucy, or ‘Lux’, is one of UBES’s most multicultural members. Very well travelled, she has had many adventures abroad and is fluent in Spanish. A keen mountaineer, this girl is exactly the companion you need when sheltering from an unexpected snowstorm in the Brecon Beacons. Friendly, down-to-earth, and great in a crisis, our webmaster has some excellent ideas for making UBES easy to access and virtually incredible (see what I did there?!). Keep an eye on this page, folks! OFA

Foreign Correspondent – Catherine Easdon (Austria)

A Computer Science student with a serious case of wanderlust, Catherine got hooked on mountains in the Lake District at the age of 4 and has been obsessed ever since, with experience on backpacking and mountaineering trips in the UK, California, Norway, and the French Alps. As one of last year’s Expeditions Officers, she led the UBES trip to Georgia this summer. She’s excited to be spending this year as Foreign Correspondent for UBES studying auf Deutsch in Austria – although her UBES family will be sorely missed! Fellow Foreign Correspondent Darius reckons the German saying “you can steal horses with her” sums it up, meaning she’s game for any adventure! MLt RFA2 WS RPS JCAMT

Foreign Correspondent – Darius Azadi (Germany)

Although with us but a short time, Darius has proven himself a committed and enthusiastic UBESter. Last year he was a near permanent fixture at any UBES event, from weekend trips and Scotland, to climbing and socials, and anyone who made it to such an event would remember his consistent smile and eccentricities such as a “slight” obsession with Feliz Navidad or removing his trousers atop the Carneddau. As such I am confident in saying that while he is now back in his home country and separated from us geographically, I am sure we have not heard the last from this UBESter and will have plenty more adventures to come. WS