Meet the Committee

Committee 2018-19

For the meanings of the letters in italics, see the Qualifications List below this table.

Rory Bryson – President

Rozzle-B, Roberto Brigadoon, The Bryster, R Bae. Going into his third year of UBES and fresh out of his previous role of Expeditions Officer, Rory will be leading us both up mountains and to greatness as President. Want to get on his good side? Give him a quality single malt whisky. Don’t want to get on his bad side? Avoid the ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ song at all costs. Having described his relationship with mountains as “a love-hate thing”, he’s spent time adventuring in a variety of places, including Scotland, the Balkans, Georgia (country not the state) and Chamonix. Despite Rory’s mountaineering talents, this isn’t what he’s best known for amongst UBESters… stick around and you may be lucky enough to hear his bellowing rendition of Loch Lomond. All in all Rory is just a fun-loving guy with a heart as big and beautiful as his smile!


Claire Squires – Vice President

Now entering into her fourth year of UBES, Claire knows what’s up. Her ability, levelheadedness, and all-round gumption are well known, and, when combined with her extensive experience and irrepressible love of the mountains, it seems very possible that she may literally be perfect. Having done an excellent job keeping everyone in the society both kitted and safe as Kit & Safety Officer last year, she’s decided to emerge from her weird lair in the stores cupboard and join us surface-dwellers in order to rule over us all as V.P. and make sure the President does his job. A Yorkshire lass born and raised, she does an excellent job at disguising her contempt for us southerners, but it’s clear that she feels truly at home when she’s back up in the mountains, hiking up a hill or indulging her passion for rock climbing.

ML(t), RCI(t), FA(2), BMC-SS, WS, RPS

Helen Astle – Secretary

If Helen is not checking emails or enjoying the marvels of the English language in her degree, you will find her in her natural habitat: the Lake District. Having completed all 214 Wainwrights by the tender age of nineteen, this Cumbrian lass is not one to shy away from a challenge. Her dual love for mountains and minute-taking makes her an asset to the team in her momentous role as secretary. Helen has been a major part of UBES ever since she was a fresher, and last year she managed to come on all but one trip and even braved the Balloon Bar stage to talk at a UBES Short Talks evening. She is an ever friendly face and is always up for a good conversation – particularly if it involves D of E. Did I mention she loves D of E?

ML(t), RFA(2), WS

Molly Harrison – Treasurer

Knowing the dexterity and love with which she cares for/fondles the happy animals of Langford, the UBES accounts will undoubtedly be safe in Molly’s hands! Not only is she a leading light of the UBES veterinary contingent, but she’s a trouper on any trip and is always full of energy and enthusiasm. Where the generic UBESter can claim to possess commonplace traits as a climber, walker, scrambler or navigator, Molly’s talents supersede even the very best as our very own resident artist. That’s right, when you see a cow strutting its stuff down the catwalks of Paris sporting UBESwear bearing Molly’s logo, you’ll wish you had said hi to THIS lovely lassie in the Highbury!


Tom Gideonse – General Kit and Safety Officer

Math enthusiast / badass M.C., Tom is a fantastic UBESter, impossible to miss on whichever mountain or rock he finds himself due to his full head of voluminous curly hair, usually blowing dramatically in the wind. Often found being super chilled in his hammock, Tom can be relied upon to provide lots of laughter on his walks with his contagious chuckle, as well to give quick mental maths on walk pacing. Rumour has it he once managed to buy Snowdonia out of sausage rolls.

After two years of UBES adventures, from mountaineering in Scotland to climbing in the Avon Gorge and being on the winning team of Mendips 2017, Tom is ready and willing to pour all of his enthusiasm into looking after all the kit and ensuring everyone stays safe.


Cassia Copeland – Climbing Kit and Safety Officer

Walking, climbing, camping… is there anything Cassia can’t do? In her two years of UBES experience she has grown into one of UBES’ finest members. She’s a veteran of summer trips to the High Tatras in Slovakia and the French Pyrenees, as well as hiking, climbing, backpacking, and winter mountaineering trips across the UK. Most impressively, she’s managed to do all of this without ever getting sunburnt – maybe not too impressive in somewhere like Scotland, but she is ginger. Her dedication, dependability, and experience in all walks of UBES life make her ideal for advice on all things kit, and we’re sure she’ll keep stores in tip-top shape.


Harriet Enevoldsen – Climbing Officer

The responsible one. Who would guess that Hazza only started climbing a mere year and a half ago? Unlimited enthusiasm, a healthy dose of psych, and far too much chalk make for one formidable climbing officer. If 3 years of vet school have taught her anything, it’s the humble fist jam. Good jamming cracks are in short supply here in Avon, hence Hazza can often be found practising on the cows out at Langford. Joint winner of the 2017/18 lake bagging competition, Hazza has a reputation for greatly extending walks to sample that one lake “just over the hill”. Fearless or crazy? Only time will tell. Always to hand with great advice, whether it be climbing, mountains, lake bagging, safety, gear, gear sales, pink waterproofs, gin, gear sales – she’s your gal.


Will Armstrong – Climbing Officer

Humble as they come, Will is the self-proclaimed best chemist in his year, best archer at uni, and is fairly average at climbing too. Don’t be intimidated by his lofty credentials, he is very friendly and will show his rack to anyone that asks (or doesn’t). A man full of many surprises, he has also been known to strip down to his sparkly boxers in Scottish winter for an impromptu photo op. If you really want to get him excited, ask him about his tricams or retro 4CUs. Often found in the Highbury Vaults, Redpoint, or on a cliff somewhere, Will is an incredibly caring individual who is geared up for a year of teaching and encouraging people to climb.

RCI(t), WS

George Rich – Social Secretary

Stepping up as social sec in 2018/19 is the Great George Rich. Despite being last year’s youngest member, George is low key one of UBES’ top climbing talents, and, quite frankly, a machine. He’s most likely to be found on ambitious routes with UBES old timers, away running some crazy mountain marathon or at the Gorge when he should probably be revising. George is a pretty chill dude and tends to just go with the flow, making him super approachable and one of the best companions on a UBES walk. His wild hair also reflects his fun personality and George is almost always seen cracking up and having a giggle. So if you see the ‘fro from afar, know that he’ll be 100% up for a chat and will most likely laugh at all your jokes, even if they aren’t that funny. So all in all, George really enRICHes the society.


Meghan Guy – Social Secretary

‘She puts the ‘Hor’ in Horlix’, Meg is an easygoing, bubbly and sociable person, and living in the Lake District means she’s no stranger to a fell. She’ll always be the first person to strike a pose whether in the club or on the hill, and will welcome you with open arms if you join her in her interpretative dances. Commonly referred to as Messy Meg Guy due to her true love of the sesh and all things booze, we can’t wait to see what socials she plans this year! Meg is a true treasure and can be sure to bring laughter and an infectious sense of humour to all events, and she always has a smile and time to talk. When she’s not hiking, dancing, drinking, or adding to her Pre-Party Playlist, she might be found studying English.


Claire Noble – Postgraduate Officer

Bouldering, not even once… Claire has returned from her year away at Oxford Uni to reign over all things postgrad and to continue her not-so-secret love affair with Bloc (every UBESter’s favourite bouldering wall). Watch out, or she might just charm you into becoming a boulderer too. She’s been all over the UK, but Claire’s hiking, climbing, and cat-spotting pursuits have also taken her further afield; from Fontainebleau, Chamonix, and the Pyrenees, to the Dolomites, Slovenia, and Georgia. Her hobbies include charming Georgian men on horseback, making us look like gods and goddesses in expedition photos with her camera skills, and, in her free time between climbs, sometimes doing Synthetic Biology research.


James Wheeler – Postgraduate Officer

James is to UBES as the mighty ash Yggdrasil is to Norse mythology. Like an ash tree, he is very very tall. But this analogy goes far deeper. As the branches of the tree extend and connect the 9 realms of the Norse cosmos, so too does James connect the many different UBES worlds; of walking and climbing, of camping and bivvying, of microadventures and expeditions. The longest lasting member of the committee, who has certainly been on more UBES trips than anyone else and won more UBES accolades than any other over the years, he is one of the foundation stones of the society. For outdoorsy advice or a helping hand, James is certainly the man to ask, and whatever tool you need will almost certainly be found in his bottomless pockets. The main (and perhaps only??) difference between James and this relentlessly anthropomorphised tree is that James is a big, big fan of fire.


Catherine Easdon – Development Officer

Writing a committee bio is hard, although having Cat as the subject makes it is slightly easier. I mean, you could talk about her years of committee experience, her adventures around the globe (California’s Sierra Nevada, Lofoten, the Caucasus, the Alps, Austria, and more), or how her various outdoors skills and accolades make her suited for the role. But obviously what you really want to know about are all Cat’s stories, the sort of gossip that only three years in UBES can produce (although of course we have to save the really controversial stuff for blackmail in the next NUBES). Of the plethora of potential topics, I’ll leave just enough to intrigue you and let you discover the full extent of these tales yourself up a peak, on a cliff or at the pub: cult membership, Orange, the birth of The Goat, Jägermeister, Tim’s destructive abilities and POS valley. There are many more, and the list will surely grow as this year’s shenanigans unfold. #bringbackAmbrose


Alice Denning – Expeditions Officer

After a year spent living in the UBES stores as Kit and Safety Officer, Alice has finally set her sights on leaving the country. A girl with apparently limitless amounts of time, when she isn’t jousting, dancing, writing erotic fiction, getting disturbingly close with cows, or helping raise orangutans, she is a devoted UBESter.

You’ll find her leading walks on almost all our trips, on outdoor micro-adventures around Bristol in the evenings, climbing or teaching at Redpoint, and at the pub every Wednesday savoring one and a half pints of cider. Alice is one of our friendliest faces, and we’re happy in the knowledge that our most exciting trips will be masterfully managed by her trustworthy hands. Whether she’ll manage to keep Mark in line remains to be seen…


Mark Waddoups – Expeditions Officer

What’s up with Mark Waddoups? A question many of us have tried to answer over the year he has graced us lesser UBESters with his presence. Like a fine wine, he has taken a long time to mature, saving the best of his 50 years experience for the UBESters of the here and now. Always down for a pint or five, be prepared to spend many a pleasurable hour at Bloc or in the pub with this most amiable of fellows. Renowned for his talkativeness and feted for his friendliness, you will never meet a nicer guy. UBES’ resident elder, second in command of Expeditions and ambitious mountaineer, he will rise to any task you choose to give him. Just don’t ask him to wash the porridge pot!

ML(t), WS

Charlie Harding – Webmaster-in-Exile

Charlie is the true definition of a dedicated UBESter. Whether he’s coaxing the UBES running group with his ambitious routes, attempting to run the Yorkshire Three Peaks (because why not), or finding any excuse whatsoever to bag a lake/get naked for those all important challenges on the UBES socials, you can be sure that he’ll be upholding the spirit of UBES in everything he does. Despite only being in UBES for a year, he’s become an essential part of the society, and we’ve done our best to get as much Charding in our lives as we can before he disappears off to Germany for his year abroad. His relationship with us will certainly survive the long distance, and in the meantime he’ll be using all his computing knowledge to steal personal data from your hearts. As newly-appointed UBES Archaeologist his mission brief also includes unearthing Munich’s underground mountain society.


Molly McCarthy – Foreign Correspondent

Since Molly joined UBES last year she’s thrown herself into all the society has to offer, coming on a whopping 8 trips and becoming a regular fixture at the climbing centre and the pub.

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing her around Bristol much this year, as she’s taken the society’s aim a bit too seriously: she’s on a year-long expedition to the Alps, under the guise of a year abroad. Look out for reports on her progress on the UBES blog. That said, she’ll probably find her way onto several trips anyway: she managed to get herself to the front of almost every queue last year.

When she’s not running away to the mountains, Molly is either in Tescos or studying Chemistry. One day she may even make the groundbreaking discovery of how to stop her hands feeling cold!


Qualifications/Training Explained

  • ML(t) – Mountain Leader Award (Training) UBES Subsidy Available
  • RCI(t) – Rock Climbing Instructor (Training) UBES Subsidy Available
  • (R)FA(1) – (Remote) First Aid Course (Days)
  • BMC-SS – BMC Student Safety Seminar
  • WS – Winter Skills
  • JCAMT – Jonathan Conville Alpine Mountaineering Trust Course
  • RPS – Redpoint Supervisor
  • TD – erm, ask Meg for an accurate explanation…

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