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If you missed our launch evening, you can access everything you need here, including the full launch presentation.

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Applications Deadline: Friday 10th March 2023 – 10PM.

Apply for Committee Positions

Joining our Committee is the best way to get involved with Bristol’s biggest and best outdoors society. You’ll gain skills and valuable experience, and will make some of your best friends.

Need inspiration?

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Please do not submit your applications by social media.  If you do not have a University of Bristol email address and wish to apply for committee, please apply via email to, attaching your 16:9 slide. 

Apply for Training Subsidies

Use this form to apply for subsidies. You can apply for a Mountain Leader training subsidy (£100) and/or a Rock Climbing Instructor training subsidy (1/3 off). Read the launch presentations slides (above) for more information.

Please do not submit your applications by email or by social media.

Questions about your applications

If you have any general questions, please contact the Secretary at We will publish the answers to any questions on this page.

If you have any questions specific to your application, you may contact the Secretary at Please indicate if you would like your question to be dealt with confidentially.

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